Wynd Realty is a Georgia-based brokerage firm of agents for agents.  As an agent service providers, they adapt to meet the specific goals of each agent.  Since 2008, Wynd has been the Atlanta real estate agent’s alternative to a brokerage firms’ traditional franchise business model. Jeff Bergstrom, the founder of Wynd Realty, established the company as an alternative to the typical brokerage firm by separating “brokerage services” away from the traditional sales cycle by offering flat fee transactions, low monthly fees, no boards, commission-free rentals, and referrals. By focusing on finding new ways to provide real estate agents flexibility and cost control, Wynd Realty encourages its agents to create, market, and advertise themselves under their own branding and run their business their way. He terms it “The No Bull Brokerage.”

We were looking for a new partner to redesign and host our website. Hive Media Studio helped us envision a new modern site that is easily navigable and provides the information we wanted to convey with an increase in our web presence. Sarah and Kelley took the time to listen to us and provided us with options during the prototype discussions. Our agents really appreciate the user-friendliness of the agent portal. Hive’s ongoing support has been great, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for your website needs.
Kaye E.
"It's very comforting knowing Hive Media has our back/website. We started with a small design project that rapidly became a relationship of trust. Taking the website off our plates has been a huge upgrade. Working with Kelley and Sarah has been great. And, I really appreciate their no BS attitude."
Jeff B.


Jeff’s concerns were three-fold. First, he wanted to ensure the website had more user-friendly capabilities for their real estate agent portal where agents access resources to run their business. His second concern was making sure their message concerning the services and cost-savings they offer was clear, concise, and alluring to prospective real estate agents looking for a broker alternative to traditional real estate companies. Finally, he wanted to update the look of the website, focusing on a more diverse, contemporary, younger, and relaxed feel to the website through the use of photos, SEO keyword content to help drive traffic to the site, and a bolder color scheme throughout that lends to a modern, clean website.


Jeff writes his blog posts and enjoys focusing on the latest news concerning Atlanta real estate and current events locally and nationally and how current trends and political climate affect the real estate market. His concern for his blog posts is not so much using them as a means to drive traffic to the website, but more of an informative, enjoyable reading for his current real estate agents as well as prospective agents visiting the site. Therefore, he wanted to focus on the layout and ease of understanding rather than SEO for his posts. 


Hive started redesigning the website by focusing on making the online agent portal as accessible and user-friendly as possible. We placed the agent login clearly visible in the top right-hand corner of the website and used color and weight change in the typography to make it stand out.  It was essential to Wynd that current and new agents could access updates and payment options quickly and easily. We created a custom agent portal that only agents can access. It includes a private dashboard for agents to pay their monthly flat transaction fees, submission forms to conduct business remotely, and a resource center for important documents and links. Additionally, they can update their profile information quickly, which connects to and auto-updates the Find an Agent page on the front end.  The agent portal has everything that a Wynd Realty Agent needs to close the sale, in addition to keeping themselves up to date with their continuing education and license in the state of Georgia. Jeff also needed a way for agents to fill in their information and download artwork for business cards and signs. This was quite a challenge and something we had never done before. However, one of our motos is, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.” After researching a few options, we redesigned their business card and sign and created a page where agents can type in their name and contact information. This information is then transposed onto the new card and sign design, which agents can download to take to the printer of their choice in a matter of minutes. 


The site’s pages were redesigned, weaving the company’s colors of blue, white with a bold yellow accent making sure to keep a clean, balanced feel. We began redesigning the home page with a contemporary look focusing on using iconic photos of Atlanta. We included commission statistics and the company’s policy concerning commissions, flat transaction fees, and the small monthly fee predominantly within the graphic design to promote what makes Wynd Realty different. Throughout the content, we incorporated diverse contemporary pictures of realtors working from non-corporate environments to personify the company’s mindset that Wynd’s realtors choose how, where, and when they work and Wynd’s easy adaptation to the needs and goals of each agent. We infused our SEO keyword research throughout the content, using specific keywords focusing on the brokerage’s board-free, low-cost services for Agents. We embedded that same message of a non-traditional Georgia brokerage firm throughout the rest of the main pages, emphasizing Wynd’s evolution in the brokerage industry and the company’s mindset for flexibility and affordability for their agents.  We integrated more graphics that highlighted the savings and growth potential for agents.


Finally, we created a uniform, easy-to-find blog archive page for Jeff’s blog post feed. We streamlined the agent page, making it easier to locate an agent by their last name and allowing them to have their contact information and picture available to homebuyers. If no photo is available for an agent, it automatically reverts to the Wynd logo. This gives the realtor page a uniform professional appearance.