Rose Norton lovingly crafts her Gluten-free food and travel blog, Unexpected Discoveries. She’s been traveling pretty much her whole life since she was two weeks old as an Army Brat and then as a pilot’s wife. She created her blog to help those who are gluten-free to be committed to living a gluten-free life and enjoy traveling while doing so.

“Hive Media Studio was just the business I was in need of! Both Kelley and Sarah went above and beyond my expectations. They took the time to listen intently to my desires and, in addition to meeting my needs, they gave me further ideas to enhance my website. They are both incredibly talented and have the ability to think creatively. I've worked with multiple other web designers and Hive Media Studio blows those other companies out of the water. I wish I had found them first! They are very professional, a great value, and impressively responsive. I highly recommend Hive Media Studio for any of your needs. I could not be more proud of my website. It's beautiful and comprehensive because of the work Kelley and Sarah put into every detail”
Rose N.


Rose’s original website had recently been redesigned, but the designer never finished it, and she had gone out of business. The designer moved her website off of WordPress to Wix, and she found it hard to use. She had issues with missing blog posts and navigational issues throughout the website.  She wanted to keep the simplicity of the new design but needed to have it fixed. She was referred to us by our former client, Jubal Ministries. Rose was terrified, and rightfully so, to hand over her hard work to someone again and spend more money on her sight.


We began by talking with Rose about her expectations for the website, how we could accomplish her goals, and our suggestions to improve her reader’s experience. We wanted to alleviate her fears and make sure she felt confident going forward. She explained the stress that she had been through with the current website and how she wanted to have a website that was easily updatable for her and that had a cohesive look and feel throughout her blog. We recommended moving her back to WordPress, and she agreed. To locate her missing blog posts, we walked her through the process of looking on Wayback Machine to find her previous blog posts. We designed a blog post template that could be easily updatable. In addition, we worked closely with Rose to redesign her menu listings to a more slimmed down version between 4 main menu categories of Eating, Recipes, Products, and Travel with subcategories to make her website more easily navigable. We then cleaned up her category listings to work with the new website menu to categorize blog postings to the correct menu page. We designed landing pages for each page in her main menu so readers could find all of her posts for each category and a consistent, clean blog post template. We put a slider highlighting Rose’s fun photography and a reader favorite section she can easily change to highlight holidays or special events on her home page.


We made quite a few graphics for the site. First, we noticed her blog posts all had a unique sign-off with her name on the bottom, so we made a graphic with script typography that automatically appears at the bottom of each post when it’s published. Second, rose really liked her bike graphic from her original design, so we incorporated that in her footer and pulled colors from it to accent other areas of her website to grab the eye. Third, we designed a graphic for her social media to be included at the bottom of each post, drawing the reader to save or share the post. Finally, Rose wanted to grow her mailing list, so we added a spot for visitors to add their email addresses in the bottom footer of the website.