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The Blue River Group is a mission-critical construction firm working with a large variety of clients on projects valued at over $102 million.  BRG’s business plan is designed to provide its clients with the creative talents of first-line construction experts, making it possible for them to deliver single-source accountability on every job.

"We really enjoyed working with the team at Hive Media. They listened to our needs and impressed us with the overhaul they made to our website. They were easy to work with and responsive to all our requests. If you are a small (or even large) company that needs a website, I would highly recommend their services."
Kelley Clay with The Big River Group
Kelly C.
Vice President


Originally labeling themselves as a “boutique construction company,” BRG wanted to focus their marketing on their unique talent as a construction firm that works with large, specialized businesses in need of their niche skills in mission-critical construction. However, they struggled with relaying to potential clients that even though they are a smaller-sized construction firm, they are well equipped for large-scale jobs like hospitals and higher education facilities. Therefore, they wanted a more contemporary updated website that focused on four primary services and four main client types on the range of specialized construction services they offer across the US. Additionally, they requested a case study template to update many of their outdated case studies and have the ability to add new ones easily. This allows them to celebrate their achievements and advertise their talents to potential clients. Because of their specialized capabilities in the construction field and narrow competition, SEO was important to BRG to stand out in design-build construction and attract potential clients even though a large portion of previous clients were made through referrals.


We focused our content creation on celebrating their uniqueness in the construction field and built on the impact of their exclusivity in the construction market by addressing their size head-on.  We crafted the tagline on their homepage “ We are a small company with big commitments.” The new tagline helps prospects recognize that they are small but that their impact in their specified construction field is mighty. We not only focused on their unique qualifications, but we also reinforced BRG’s capabilities and commitment to safety, budget, and time.  

We used a stat counter to highlight projects, revenue, and EMR (Experience Modifier Rate – a number used to gauge a construction company’s safety metrics). In addition, we added a map on their about page to show the types of projects they have done in the past and locations across the USA. The Blue River Group also had a vast bank of client testimonials; therefore, in addition to the slider on the home page, we added testimonials that highlighted specific employees on their individual bio pages. When working on their content, they wanted their case studies to show the project’s size, cost, and duration with a description. We suggested they make it more relatable and not only focus on the job itself but examples of issues that they had during the projects to show their problem-solving skills, adaptability, and accountability during the building process. 


The client emphasized how important it was that each team member played a critical part in getting their projects done right, safely, on time, and on budget.  It was essential to them that their clients knew they work together as a team, the team is working in sync, and that each team member is accessible to their clients, including the primary stakeholders.  This is one of the things that makes their company unique in the commercial construction industry. This made it essential that we captured each of their employees’ talents, capabilities, and personalities in our content creation for their personal bios.  We planned for a professional photographer to take two photos of each member. One would be a standard headshot, and one would be a fun photo showing their individuality. Then the pandemic hit, and it did not allow for that, so we lent them our professional light kit to take their pictures of their own. Unfortunately, the placement in front of the background was not consistent, nor was the distance. We solved this issue by digitally replacing the backgrounds and sizing the employee’s photos to create consistency for the team section of the about page.