St. Mary’s Academy is the first PK-12 Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Atlanta. Our Lady of Victory and Our Lady of Mercy Catholic schools were combined together in 2022 to form St. Mary’s Academy. They educate students to become Christ-centered and global-minded to position them to pursue and achieve personal and professional goals for the 21st century. This multicultural school offers a lower income diverse population access to an amazing STEM curriculum, Extended Care before and after school and robust athletic and arts programs.

"The creativity, tenacity, and professionalism of the Hive Media team are truly exceptional. Kelley Wilson and Sarah Cowie are committed to providing the best quality product for their clients. They are great at problem-solving and being efficient to ensure that the outcome is successful for all parties involved. More importantly, Kelley and Sarah are kind, patient and care about their clients. Kelley and Sarah make you feel like your project, questions, and ideas are valuable. I'm so honored to be part of their client family!"
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Kiesha P.
Director of Admissions


Hive Media Studio embarked on an ambitious website design project for St. Mary’s Academy using content from Our Lady of Mercy’s website, fueled by many complex goals. Our mission was to design a website and craft an easy-to-navigate, inclusive online experience that would resonate deeply with prospective and current families. Our vision encompassed creating an informational and truly diverse space to boost admissions, speak to the community, and seamlessly integrate the Catholic faith. To breathe life into this vision, we presented a plan to streamline the website by condensing and focusing the content, making sure to call attention to crucial information both new and prospective parents would look for, allowing us to streamline their navigation and page count. We would introduce multilingual capabilities, empower staff with easy maintenance tools, and infuse the site with innovative design, inspiring custom quotes, and compelling calls to action. Additionally, they requested graphic design options for print material and social media graphics that were cohesive with the website design.


In this extraordinary endeavor, we rallied the expertise of multiple pivotal stakeholders to share our vision. Together, we crafted a narrative of transformation and innovation. The project’s crowning achievements include the remarkable reduction of web pages from 146 to 62 through artful content consolidation and expert navigational planning. We enriched the website with engaging educational visuals, infused the school’s values throughout, and designed captivating digital and print assets, all in alignment with the school’s distinctive identity. The redesigned website embodies the heart and soul of this Catholic institution and showcases the impressive stem and digital technologies the school offers, promising an entertaining digital journey. Every element is meticulously crafted, from the harmonious design echoing the school’s identity to the effortless navigation and immersive user experience. We created inclusivity by implementing multilingual capabilities in Vietnamese and Spanish. The staff has been empowered with comprehensive training to seamlessly navigate and update the website, ensuring it remains vibrant and engaging. Moreover, the project highlights SMA’s unwavering commitment to academic excellence and simplifies access to vital admissions information. SMA’s website is a digital presence and a testament to its mission.


The transformation of Saint Mary’s Academy’s website exemplifies Hive Media Studio’s unwavering commitment to excellence in ensuring the website meets the needs of the school and the stakeholders. The website has evolved into a dynamic, user-friendly masterpiece where information flows effortlessly. It now boldly and authentically represents the rich tapestry of SMA’s diverse community, easily breaking language barriers. Their dedicated staff can effortlessly maintain the site, keeping it up-to-date and engaging. Custom quotes, compelling calls to action, and the eloquent use of Catholic symbolism have ignited profound engagement. Saint Mary’s Academy’s academic prowess now takes center stage, accessible with a single click, vital admissions information, and family resources are seamlessly available. SMA’s website creates a digital presence that is a vibrant embodiment of Saint Mary’s Academy’s values, warmth, strengths, and heartfelt invitation to all – a virtual home for both current and prospective families.


In anticipation of the school opening, we created engaging postcards, an open house folder and inserts, and letterhead to make their branding cohesive and in line with the website design. To further this, we designed 15 specific social media templates for the athletics department to use during the year. These templates also stay consistent with their branding and allow them to access them through Canva on their cell phones while still at an event.