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SJL 26 Event Productions, President and CEO Sabrina Jenkins created her own event production company after a decorated 27-year career working with Atlanta’s top event designers and destination management companies. During the most recent 18 years of her career, Sabrina worked as the Director and Vice President of Events for a Major League Baseball teams’ Special Events Department. During this time, Sabrina was responsible for the organization’s hospitality and entertainment through 14 straight Division Championships and their National League and World Series Championship run. Also, Sabrina chaired the league’s hospitality committee for 14 years. She belonged to many organizations, including the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau, Meeting Professionals International, Atlanta Business League, and the Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council. 

"Hive Media Studio did an absolutely fantastic job of designing my new website. I am thrilled with the results! The website truly helps to assist potential and current customers to navigate easily through each portal to understand the services my company has to offer. They helped me clarify my content and write it in a way that was oriented toward servicing the client and not just about me and what I do. I highly recommend them for all of your website and SEO needs. Hive Media Studio far exceeded my expectations and has helped my website gain the traction I needed to launch and grow my business. "


Sabrina came to Hive Media Studio because she needed help building her new company’s website from scratch. She wanted to capitalize on her achievements during her time with the MLB league and show potential clients the exceptional services she provides for virtual, corporate, personal, and large scale events. As a brand new company, Sabrina had a very tight budget that Hive Media Studio needed to stay within. Sabrina told Hive Media Studio her top two goals for the site. The first was to make the site easy to navigate for clients. The second was to give potential clients enough information to understand what services she provides for each type of event. Lastly, it was essential to Sabrina that her site reflects her company’s values in diversity and inclusion. 


We started by doing a deep dive into the experience Sabrina has the services she offers, and the types of events she organizes. Once we gathered this information, we realized Sabrina has many standard services she provides across the board for events. We created the main services page to showcase the standard services available for every event she works with. We then used the individual services page to highlight the benefits specific to certain types of events. Sabrina worked with Hive Media to craft the content for the pages on her site in a way that highlighted her skills while showing prospective clients how easy and fun events with SJL can be. We asked her to answer the following questions during this content creation process, “What can you do for your clients? When? How?” We then worked with her answers to those questions to create a clear and consistent brand voice across her site. We made the navigation on her website straightforward to ensure easy access to important information. We also accomplished this through multiple links within the website from one page to the next. We procured 85% of the images on her site from free stock photo sites to work within her budget constraints. We made sure the photos included a diverse set of individuals to reflect Sabrina’s company values accurately. Our goal for the website’s design was to make it universally appealing to companies and individuals. We used the colors in the logo Sabrina provided to generate a fun color scheme for the site that contained variety. 

Additionally, we used an animated headline to grab the attention of site visitors. Lastly, we made sure it would be easy to add to her site as her business grows and adapts to the marketplace. This month, as a pivot during COVID times, we added a virtual events page to her website, which was quick and easy to do because of the initial layout and the ability to use the same template from her other services pages.