Sarah Marske’s vision as CEO and founder of Saramar Group is to work with like-minded people, brands, and organizations to bring to life profitable, purpose-driven projects that will have a multicultural social impact.  Her experience leading award-winning Hispanic marketing campaigns and social impact initiatives with Coca-Cola through programs like the Coca-Cola Hispanic Holiday campaign, Hispanic Heritage Month campaigns, Univision’s Premios Juventud, and 25 Most Influential Women platforms, as well as her work with the Latin American Association leading strategic communications, branding, media relations and marketing efforts servicing for more than 50,000 Latinos annually in the metro Atlanta area, served to motivate her mission to make a positive impact her customers, their business and the community. 

"Kelley from the Hive Media Studio team did a fantastic job building the website. Kelley brought our creative vision to life throughout the site, showcasing the essence of what our brand represents. Kelley was a great collaborator, stayed on top of all deliverables and timelines, and was very responsive and positive toward all feedback. Above all, Kelley overcame every design challenge and never settled until we got the site where we wanted to it to be. I highly recommend working with Kelley and the Hive Media Studio team – you will have a lot of fun in the process too!"
Sarah M.
Founder | CEO


Sarah’s goal in redesigning her website was to create a more modern feel in telling her brand’s story while highlighting Saramar Group’s Hispanic inclusivity services and programs that foster connection and engagement with Hispanic clients and community.  Sarah’s vision was to showcase the company’s multi-cultural essence within the content, color, and design of the website. 


To accomplish Sarah’s goals, Hive Media Studio developed a three-fold solution.  The original website was created in a program which was very limited in the scope of what it could provide. Her original DIY website used provided generic backgrounds, minimal graphics, and was text heavy. In the redesign, we moved the client to a WordPress platform with a custom designed, user-friendly theme.  This makes it easy for her to make small changes and updates. We designed the website with a balance between photo narrative and focused storytelling content to tell the client’s mission and vision.

Recreating the layout for the home page slider, provided by her graphic artist, proved to be challenging to align correctly for mobile responsiveness.  We found the solution that would incorporate his original home page design. Taking inspiration from the home page design, we designed the rest of pages to create a cohesive feel that is as colorful as the Hispanic culture she represents.