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Salon Skanda is an award-winning salon, nominated by Atlanta residents as “The Best Hair Salon in Atlanta” for the last eight years. They pride themselves on taking care of their stylists so their stylists can take care of you. Stylists at Salon Skanda are compensated on salary instead of commission, giving them the freedom to invest their energy into giving guests the best experience possible instead of being pushy salespeople. Salon Skanda has built a reputation of excellence off of the unique opportunity this business structure poses for relationship building between clients and their stylists. Clients can be sure every suggestion their stylists make is with their own best interest at heart, not their pocketbooks. The Salon Skanda team members make a collaborative effort to help you feel beautiful inside and out. This synergy is palpable from the moment you walk into the salon. Joy, trust, and a cohesive front attract stylists at the top of their game, eager to deliver excellence to this renowned institution. The salon is best known for its exceptional ability to work with curly hair and its unique talent with coloring hair. In late 2020, owners Kevin and Robert Miriglia sold the salon to one of their employees.

We have never received more compliments on our website since we started working with Kelley. She has been innovative and insightful, giving us the creative freedom we desire but leading us as the professional in her field. Turn around time is efficient and she is a pleasure to work with! After bouncing around for ten years looking for the right person to assist us, we finally found the perfect fit! Thanks, Kelley
Kevin M.


Salon Skanda came to Hive Media Studio to level up their website. The salon’s main goals were to improve their reach, target new clients, cater to individuals with curly hair, and those looking to get their hair colored. When Salon Skanda came to Hive Media, their site appeared on the third page of Google for keywords like “curly hair salon Atlanta” and “hair coloring Atlanta.” In addition to their desire to be more easily found by their target market, the salon asked us to make their site less complicated to navigate and more effectively engage new and current clients. 


Hive Media Studio assisted Salon Skanda in reaching their goals by first making their site more user-friendly. We simplified their services page, added bios for each of their employees, and improved the site’s navigability between pages. We also helped them update and improve the visual layout by personally doing the photography for the images on their site from inside their salon rather than using stock photos and photos from their old location. Most importantly, we worked to improve their local SEO through keyword research and optimize their website content, meta titles, and meta descriptions. Additionally, we created a content calendar for the salon to use with SEO keywords to create blog posts around the target keywords. This provided the opportunity for the salon to continue to create content optimized for SEO beyond our services. Within three months of our work with them, Salon Skanda went from ranking on the third page of Google to the first for keywords like “curly hair salon Atlanta” and “hair coloring Atlanta.”