As a senior executive with decades of experience building highly efficient computing systems, Allan Cantle is a self-proclaimed proponent of the geek mentality, celebrating forward-thinking technical intellect. Before Allan’s time as CEO of Nallasway, he founded Nallatech, a Molex company now known as BittWare.  After Nallatech was acquired, he remained as CTO of the ISI group within Molex. In addition to his role at Nallatech, Allan held positions on the board of OpenPOWER and was the chairman of the OpenPOWER Accelerator workgroup. Alan’s understanding of real-time, low latency, heterogeneous computing platforms for demanding applications has established him as a leader in his field-building highly efficient computing systems tailored to specific problems, more commonly known as “Domain-Specific Architectures”. Allan uses his ability to observe and distill trends in technology and industry, delivering evolutionary technology in a revolutionary way. He founded Nallasway to open the door to a broader community of open-minded, innovative thinkers. Nallasway helps develop new teams within the area of domain-specific computing that can leverage the Cloud, Edge, and IoT. The company aims to guide this community toward defining the building blocks that will allow anyone to build domain-specific architecture for their particular application by embracing heterogeneous, distributed computing and shifting industry dynamics.

I'd like to give a shout-out to Hive Media Studio, who helped me launch my website,, in lightning quick time back in August. I've received numerous compliments on its professional look and feel. Kelley & Sarah quickly got a handle on the technical vision I was trying to convey and delivered it wonderfully in the overall Website design.
Allan C.
Founder | CEO


Allan’s goal in working with Hive Media Studio on his website was to humanize the site’s technical content to increase brand awareness, make his ideas more accessible, and better communicate the goals of Nallasway to a new community of open-minded innovative thinkers. He wanted his site to have a clean, cutting-edge feel with photos associated with domain-specific architecture. Allan believes in the power and significance of swaying the computer industry back to its first principles and wanted that concept to be clearly communicated within his site. He asked Hive Media Studio to make his site live in two weeks to launch in conjunction with his final day as CTO at Nallatec


Hive Media Studio needed to find a way to meet Alan’s goals while fitting within the two-week deadline of his upcoming departure from Nallatech. To do this, we designed his website in two phases. The first phase involved the creation of his home page, about page, and contact information. Within these pages, we aimed to humanize, simplify, and communicate the Nallasway brand and Alan’s objectives for the company as a whole. During our work with Alan, we realized that he is adept at verbally communicating his vision in a personable and persuasive way. Consequently, we decided to work with Alan on creating and implementing a video on the home page of his site. This allowed us to remove the technical jargon weighing down the written content and focus on filling that space with clean, clear-cut content pinpointing the essential information for community members. We wanted to align the logo’s design for his site with his concept of swaying the computer industry back to first principles and Alan’s desire to have images associated with domain-specific architecture. Our graphic artist created a tree swaying in the wind with 0s and 1s, the building blocks of domain-specific architecture, blowing in the wind. The color palette, font, and design work for the remainder of the site created a more cutting-edge feel. Every image on the site is related to Alan or domain-specific architecture. The font used on the website was modern and clean to keep with the website’s technically innovative feel.  The blue color palette we used to gave the website a cool, clean technical look and fit into the website’s scheme.