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King Print & Promo’s goal is to create exceptional communication between its customers and their clients through marketing, print, and branded merchandise that relays its brand message. They do this by listening, focusing, and asking questions so that they can craft a unique and compelling way to tell their client’s stories.

"I've worked with Hive on two different websites; a refresh of my business site and a from-scratch new site for a collaboration group. In both cases, Kelley, Sarah, and the team at Hive were awesome from beginning to end. And both websites exceeded our expectations and continue to get rave reviews from visitors."
Paul K.


Paul was looking to update King Print & Promo’s website with a more streamlined, user-friendly website that was easily navigable for their clients and simple to update by King Print and Promo’s employees. In addition, they wanted something colorful, modern, and clean.  


King Print and Promo’s old website had an extensive menu that still required 4 to 5 clicks to get to a case study showing how good they are at what they do. Given that most visitors, especially first-time visitors, only click 2-3 times on a site, we carefully evaluated what was most important and how to streamline the website to make it clear and easy to navigate and learn more about the company. 


The client needed the website to allow potential clients to contact them and get a quote, view multiple case studies to highlight products and services, and link to their online store. We created a smaller top bar menu above the main menu to give a more modern colorful look, giving immediate clear access to both.  We also designed the header to be sticky, allowing it to move down the page, making the dual menu always accessible to the online user throughout their exploration of the website regardless of where they were on the page. To achieve a better flow and clean up their navigation, we used colorful image boxes on the home page and the Our Work page to access their seven target market pages. We then created individual pages for each target market, highlighting products, case studies, clients, and testimonials. We shortened the access to case studies from 5 clicks to 2. 


To make adding new content to the website more manageable, we created custom post types and templates for blog posts and case studies to create consistency throughout the site.  The finished product has allowed King Print and Promo employees to update the website without assistance from us easily.