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Jubal Ministries began as part of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board in 1954 and was incorporated as an independent non-profit organization in 2021. The ministry includes a men’s chorus known as the Sons of Jubal and a women’s chorus known as the Jubalheirs. It has expanded over the years to include auxiliary groups of brass, an orchestra, handbells, and auditioned ensembles. Jubal Ministries spreads the message of hope in Christ through music and song and brings tangible support to those in need through mission projects.

"The website is beyond words! Effective, intuitive, aesthetically pleasing are but a few words that come to mind. It is so easy to navigate that even an Oklahoman can handle it! God has greatly blessed us with gifted leaders who have a heart for Christ and service! Thank you."
John Duncan, Director for Jubal Ministries
John D.


The Client needed a website that would equally highlight each of the eight musical groups that make up Jubal Ministries while showing their mission as a whole. It also needed a store to sell their CDs, allow churches to book an event, advertise concert dates, and educate visitors on their mission and charitable outreach. 


Jubal Ministries needed their new site to encompass all aspects of their ministry and give equal space to each of the eight groups, making sure that we touched on each of them individually within the scope of the website while keeping the focus on the overall mission of the charity. Previously being on the GBMB website and never planning to make a website of their own, we were challenged to find photographs from the members that were clear enough to use on the website and, due to the large size of the chorus, didn’t make everyone look like ants. We worked hard with the client to locate group photos that fit the website’s design. Because the groups themselves are so large, we had to balance the website with group photos that included all members of each group and smaller group photos and more creative photo angles that still gave credence to the groups without showing the whole group.  


Jubal Ministries wanted to make it easy for interested individuals coming to the website to be able to see what their current events are, the dates, and the locations, so we included an event slider on the home page and a calendar that would allow visitors to contact them to book a performance. In addition to Jubal Ministries chorus, orchestra, and other auxiliary groups, they also have outreach programs, which they wanted to highlight. The Missions page gives information on their outreach missions locally and abroad, the impact they’ve made, and a link to donate to help Jubal Ministries in their ministry. We placed a donate button in the header on each page to make it easy to donate to the ministry no matter where you are on the website. This header moves down the page as the user moves through the website, making it easier to navigate. Finally, we created a store for those interested in purchasing the music created by Jubal Ministries. The plugin is easy to use. It keeps track of inventory, prints shipping labels for orders, and runs reports for tax time.