Monya Ehirim started her career as an accountant and licensed real estate broker. During this time, she noticed buyers were clueless about getting a mortgage. They often blindly took whatever a broker gave them and signed it without asking the necessary questions to get the right mortgage. Monya saw this as a business opportunity when deciding the next step in her career path. She wanted to find a way to be financially independent as a stay-at-home single mom.

Consequently, Monya became a licensed mortgage broker in Georgia and Florida and created Express Loan Process in 2007. Her goal with Express Loan Process is to educate buyers on their options. She wants to help buyers make the best mortgage decisions for their families and financial situations. Buyers do not know the right questions to ask, and loan officers do not volunteer that information. Express Load Process bridges that gap by asking the buyers the right questions. Monya uses this information to find loans that are the best fit and more stable for her buyers in the long run. Monya wants Express Loan Process to make the mortgage experience as hassle-free as possible for buyers.

"My company desperately needed a website. When I went to Kelley, I had no idea what I wanted the site to look like. She explained the importance of branding, color choice, and layout. After talking to me about my target market and the information, I wanted to provide on the website, she presented her ideas for my company’s site. First, Kelley provided a brand new logo and color scheme. It was amazing!! Second, she showed me the layout design for the entire site. I needed a user-friendly site for my clients that was very easy for me to maintain and update. Kelley really delivered. When I initially met with Kelley, I did not have a clear idea about what I wanted. I am in awe of how she was able to design the perfect website for my company when I gave her so little to work with. She is amazing. She is very professional and met all of my timelines. Thanks to her, I was able to have the website up and running on time. I also got the unexpected bonus of a complete (and much needed) company rebranding to go along with the website’s launch. I recently had a business associate tell me they are required to look at mortgage company websites on a regular basis. They said my website was the best mortgage site they have seen in years."
Monya E.


Monya Ehirim came to Hive Media Studio wanting a website for her existing company Express Loan Process. Although her company is a one-woman business, Monya wanted the site to have the appearance of a larger company. She asked Hive Media Studio to help her create a colorful website that would showcase how her company values diversity. She also wanted the website to be educational for potential consumers. Her final request was to streamline the loan process for clients by giving them the option to check their credit score and apply for a mortgage directly on her website.


In the initial design phase of the site, we chose photos that were inclusive of a broad spectrum of families and races. We educated Monya on color theory to help her with the design of her site and logo. She chose the color green to promote relaxation and encourage a balance leading to decisiveness. Orange was used as her highlight color to spur people to take action and show that she is a mortgage broker that can get things done quickly. Finally, blue was chosen to indicate trust and dependability as her business deals with highly sensitive financial topics. Additionally, we suggested using a checkmark with the roof of the house in her logo to denote an approved home loan. The goal was to create a positive first impression with potential clients by emphasizing the ease of getting an approved home loan.


To educate potential consumers, we started by creating informational pages for different types of loans. We then created an education center with tips for new homeowners and refinancing. To make sure her site was a one-stop-shop for everything home loan-related, we found a plugin for a mortgage calculator that allowed clients to see how much they can afford. We then linked to a credit check and mortgage application software on the backend of her site.