The Colombia Avocado Board brought together like-minded leaders with one goal in mind, to educate consumers in the U.S. and encourage them to buy more avocados from Colombia. Their commitment to sustainability, combined with the amazing health benefits of Hass avocados, are important to their producers. They are building the tools to work in sync with the Hass Avocado Board to cultivate consumers in the US. The Colombia Avocado Board works diligently with its partners in the foodservice and retail sectors to be their market resource for all things avocado from Colombia. The US is the leading importer of avocados importing 700% more avocados from Colombia than in recent years. Colombia has almost half a million acres suitable for avocado orchards. Colombia has built its avocado industry around exportation, emphasizing financial sustainability and support for the local Colombian farmer, opening up endless opportunities for high growth in the future.

"Starting a new business is always a big challenge and needs lots of planning and time to make sure everything is perfect. Hive Media made sure that with all the things we had to create for this new venture, we didn’t have to worry about our website. They presented us with an amazing web design that will help our customers find their way around the website easily. After a couple of meetings to plan out the future website, Sarah and Kelley were able to deliver a great website in a fairly short time. Definitely recommend their services."
William W.
CEO, The Fresh Approach


The Colombia Avocado Board was formed to work with growers throughout Colombia to promote Colombian Hass Avocados internationally and in the US. The board had been promoting internationally but was now at the point where they were ready to begin marketing in the US and wanted to create a website to publicize Colombia avocados in the US market. One of the biggest hurdles they were dealing with was promoting Colombian avocados that would work time-wise with the grower’s abilities to accommodate the US demands created by the marketing of the product. Therefore, the board wanted to phase in the marketing for the US, allowing for a certain amount of information in increments as the growth productivity of the fruit increased in Colombia.


Because of the past political and social unrest in the country’s history, the government wanted to focus on the positive cultural, community, and economic changes made within the country for the residents and the farming communities throughout Colombia.


Due to that lack of information in the US concerning the avocado industry in Colombia, the Colombian Avocado Board wants to educate US consumers not just about the nutritional value and deliciously smooth taste of the Colombian avocado, but also about the location of the country, the diverse topography and weather of Colombia, and how all of these play into Colombia’s ability to become a major player in the avocados export business.


Due to the concern over how to time the introduction of the Colombian Avocado to the US market to work with the product available for export, Hive worked closely with the Colombian Avocado Board and the US Consultant, William Watson with The Fresh Approach to break down the scope of the website build into phases and then narrow down what would work best for the first phase of the project. In order to make a gentle introduction to the US market, the decision was made to start out small with three main pages, the Home page, Who We Are page, and the Contact Us page, and build from there. Beginning with the Home page, Hive used local grower photos of the different avocado farms received from the board members to show the beauty and expansive splendor of the country and its topography.


Hive then gathered information concerning the different regions, Colombia’s other exports, rainfall, altitudes, farming techniques used by local Colombian farmers, as well as statistics on Hass avocado health benefits to give US consumers an understanding of the cultural beauty and biodiversity of its country and people and their passionate dedication to the land and the avocados legacy in their culture. The client wanted warmer colors that would complement the beauty of the country. So, we used a color scheme that was complementary to the colors within the hero picture which included the greens of the logo, pairing that with a deeper blue and contrasting the deeper colors using two varying accent colors, one matching the orange of the leaves of the avocado tree in our main hero picture, and the use of a warm yellow and white.