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Les Cowie developed and honed a background teaching technology skills to people with limited access to education in South Africa. In 1988 he moved to the United States to initiate and expand a distinguished career working with venture capital groups and corporations. Les acquired, developed, and sold businesses in the manufacturing, commercial, and service sectors. During this time, he used his experiences to create a methodology that maximizes training content for new hires and existing employees. Les’s company focuses on perfecting elements within training content through a seven-step process. This process aims to create learning experiences quickly and economically for training managers and organizations. Les’s approach is significant because it changes instructors’ roles from being “talking heads” to guides through an experiential learning approach involving delivery, practice, observation, and testing. Employees can access this experiential lesson any time in the field to troubleshoot and train new employees. Les’s 7 Steps LMS approach aims to reduce the cost and time invested by organizations while increasing productivity, safety, and compliance for employees undergoing training in an ever-changing technology landscape.

"I nearly made the mistake of just contracting a web developer to create a new site for me and restyle my existing outdated sites. I quickly learned that there is more to a website than a pretty page. The Hive Media team first focused on understanding my business, my target users, my users’ needs and goals, and what help they need. I now have websites that attract the people I want to team with and help with occupation development and training."
Les Cowie, President
Les C.
Founder | CEO


Les came to Hive Media Studio after losing a significant client who loved his product but balked when they saw how outdated his original site was. 7 Steps LMS is a technology product, and the client felt a trustworthy product in the technology field should have a website that looks more tech-savvy and updated. Les’s goal in working with Hive Media Studio was to design a site to educate future clients and highlight the 7 Step process. He wanted our help creating a site that would reestablish trust with his prior clients, build rapport with potential clients, and accurately depict his brand and all it has to offer. He wanted the content on his site to clearly show how the 7 Steps LMS program itself is set up to fit each client’s individual needs. It was essential to Les that the content on the site act as an educational marketing tool. He was interested in having the site highlight the benefits each client experiences in the time, money, and education of their employees. Les wanted the site to be easy to upkeep with content after working with us. Additionally, Les needed some custom solutions to set up an affiliate program, share video modules via a private login, and link his podcast episodes.


Les stated that he liked the color blue and wanted a color scheme for the site that would be eye-catching. We decided to use the green from the original graphic he’d used with his program and generated a color scheme for the website that integrated well with his original concept. To complete his branding, our graphic artist created a new logo that integrated the graphics he used in all his training videos to keep consistency in his branding and provide a much-needed update.


Initially, Les came to us with a massive amount of content bogged down with technical jargon. We wanted to simplify this content to make it more accessible to his audience. To do this, we spoke with him and got a complete education on his brand and product. In turn, we walked Les through the process of SEO and Google ranking. Next, we worked with him on current website marketing requirements, explaining the necessity of modernizing and updating your website’s content to align with current SEO trends. We also educated him on users’ mentality and the need to make your content more concise to keep the attention of his audience coming to browse his website. We then identified key pieces of information and established how we would lay out the product’s marketing on each page. Next, we worked with Les to refine the content and create a consistent brand voice throughout the website. It was essential to Les that the 7 Steps and their purpose be emphasized. Therefore, we created the 7 Steps page as an informative synopsis on what 7 Steps can do and how it can benefit individual employees and companies. Next, we made the Features page to break down modules of the program and show how they worked together to accomplish the training requirements needed for every client. This page aims to help individuals understand how the program is set up to be unique to each client’s needs. Next, we added the Resources page with Learndash courses to provide video training for additional 7 Steps LMS online education for clients. Finally, Les wanted to integrate his podcast into the site for marketing and educational resources, so we set up Audio Boom to accomplish this and added an Affiliate program to assist with his marketing needs. Lastly, we made the backend of Les’s site easy for him to navigate on his own by setting up a custom dashboard with links and tutorials to guide him through any updates he would need to make.


He was so pleased with what we did on 7 Steps LMS that he asked us to update his personal website, He wanted this site to be a gateway to his main website,, his consulting website,, and a smaller website, website, which promotes a series of video modules for promoting and building retail businesses.